The Devotion!

When you hear the word ‘devotion’, the first thing that comes to your mind is worshiping God with all the love and complete surrender.

I agree. It is.

But whoever made the word ‘devotion’, had a broader concept in mind.

Devotion is something very pure and beautiful.

It has this power to make a change. To create a new you. To build in sacrifice. To build in endurance. To just believe.

It has a spiritual background.

But today, i will be telling you about a person, who just devotes herself to someone who is in need. To someone who needs care, understanding and love. She devotes herself to her commitments. She devotes herself to her relations. And the best part. She devotes herself to happiness. A very rare thing i have ever come across.

This girl has an experience of numerous crazy things which sometimes we can only imagine. She not only share this experience of hers but also takes in what she gets from others, enhancing and broadening her own thoughts. 

And she will be always ready to learn something new, something different. And she not only learns, she implements.

That’s her devotion

This girl not only listens to the problem of a person, but gets in so deep and starts analyzing the same. And till she gives out a solution or at least a view point, she never leaves you. And her solutions are so practical that you just get into it.

That’s her devotion

This girl is so lively and cheerful that every one just wants to be around her, talk to her, tease her :P. Some jokes here, some there and all are happy. And after a moment, we all become so relaxed and that positive vibe coming from her is just so amazing.

That’s her devotion.

Her focus towards the work that is being appointed to her is something to look forward to. Even if problem comes, she adjusts, finds out a solution rather then criticizing others or herself and gets the work done. And one of the things i observed in her was that, she will find out the smallest and viable way of doing the work and will get the same results as someone who would work day and night. She uses her brain and if she gets wrong somewhere, she listens to others.

Basically, she waits, observes, listens, THINKS and then gets to the solution.

That’s her devotion.

If you are by any chance, her friend, or a person that works with her, you are sorted. Any problem, and she will be the agony aunt (with good intentions of course :P) She will relax you up, will listen to you properly and then will just not give you a solution, she will tell you to do something that you really can.  

That’s her devotion.

She is very practical. But at the same time, she enjoys all the dramas, the happenings, the gossips. Even in the worst matters, she will find something to laugh upon, something to learn and something to respect.

One of the few people i have seen, who can adapt to anything if situation demands.

That’s her devotion.



Devotion is nothing but enjoying, loving, adapting and surrendering to, living and caring for, what you have. 🙂


And when you do this, you worship God in a very different manner. Its kind of like, work is worship. I would like to change it a bit.


Living your life to the fullest, devoting yourself to that gift God gave you, is in real sense, worshiping Him.

The basic idea of writing this post is not to tell that this girl is so nice and awesome and you should be like her.

What I aim in this post is that, when you are into any situation, any work, any damn thing, develop that attribute or quality to just devote yourself out. Love it. Live that moment. It doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time.

You can always devote yourself to humor, emotions, activity or just you.

Just be lively enough to give in. To Devote.

And you can always get inspired. Like I Did.

Hope it helps. 😀



  1. Anisha Saldanha · June 1, 2014

    Touching blog this is. You doing a great job. ^.^


  2. dhanukabhakti313 · June 1, 2014

    Amazing amazing UMM-MAZINGGGGG!!!!! 😀


  3. sriram · June 2, 2014

    Superb, A respect you earned by each and every one for your meaningful wrie ups, This write ups of your’s will be a self – conrtolling with passion, .. It Is So awesome.. 🙂


  4. Varsha Soni · June 2, 2014

    awesum aman ..
    wonderful thoughts


  5. dwiti thakkar · June 2, 2014

    Superb aman!!! Just so awesome ❤ simply beautiful piece of words.:)


  6. dwiti thakkar · June 2, 2014

    Simply beautiful ❤ amazing!!!


  7. Tanmay · June 2, 2014

    Well written ….. Truely inspiring….keep the good work up. 🙂


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