The Small Steps!



Okay, so what are small steps?

Are they the quick and groovy dance moves or a small foot moment in a walk or is it a stair way?

Well, over here, the answer is Negative!

Small steps don’t refer to any of the things mentioned in the question.

Its something that relates to our decisions.

Our Actions.

Our Responses. 

Well, you must be wondering, how does it even connect. So here’s your answer.

As I had wrote in my first post in this blog, “We all have dreams, crazy ideas.”

Dreams that range from becoming famous, beautiful to a world traveler. From becoming a professional to a an artist. From becoming a millionaire to something unimaginable, something different.

Now, have we ever thought about how are we going to realize our dreams. You must be thinking, “Yes, I have planned everything / No, its too early to think of future / I want to enjoy life, why waste time on strategizing my goals.” Well, I can’t judge any of your responses, frankly.

I am sure that everyone of us knows that,

we have just one life with us, one big dream

and its going to take a big route, filled with so many ups and downs, to reach it.


And here comes the small steps! Small, yet so significant.

 Small steps are nothing but those little responses, actions, or decisions that you  have, do or take that creates a certain impact on your life and on others.

In whatever stage of life you are in whether teenage, adulthood, old-age, etc. , it does not matter.


When you see someone in distress, or disappointed, dreaded, just go to them, hug them or just talk to them, if nothing else just be there with them. This will calm that person down. He / She will smile at you back and will even love you. What you received, was an honest gesture of love and respect. What you lost? Nothing :).

This is a small step.

When a person is not able to cope up with his failures, cheer him up, encourage, motivate him. Just tell him /  her, “Believe in yourself. trust your heart.” And you will see a new energy coming into him. A bubbly one, ready to take down the failures. And you know what, he becomes and will be happy because of you. What you lost? Nothing 🙂

This is a small step.

“Work hard, party harder.” I tell you, if you follow this, there is no way you will find a sulk in your professional life. Just do and accept what you are responsible for, nothing more ;).

This is a small step.

We all  know that, today, life has become fast and monotonous. Busy and caged. But if you just decide to take out at least 1 hour for your family or friends, just an hour everyday, handling relations won’t be that difficult. And these are the people, that will be there for you when you need them. The memories with them, will be with you, till your graveyard! What you gained? Happiness, love, respect, support. What you lost? Nothing :).

This is a small step.

When someone loses a situation from his control, we all start criticizing that person. For example, if you and your group of friends are to throw a big party and you hand over the responsibility of getting the food to say Mr. X. and fails to get it. What we generally do, “You moron! Don’t you understand that we have a party in an hour / You dumb, why couldn’t you tell us first?” We criticize. But, when you calm everyone and yourself down first, tell Mr. X that, its okay and think for a possible solution, trust me, that will get your party back, with a blast. And you even learn from your mistake. Just a small initiative from your side and everyone is happy. What you lost? Nothing 🙂

This is a small step.

Listen to your heart. A few things or people may be against you, will even try to drag you down, but the results will always be positive. Because, it was from your heart. Trust me on this one.

This is a small step.

Even now some of you must be wondering, how, how all this connects with realizing our dreams.

Well honestly, it does.

Big time.

According to Newton’s third law, every action has its equal and opposite reaction. Now if you can connect. 😛

Karma 🙂 

These small steps, will lay the exact path to your dreams.

It will surely take time, maybe a week, month, year or 2, but I guarantee it to you, your dreams will turn into reality. 


Small, yet so significant.


Hope it helps. 😀


*If you want to share any thing or want to give a feedback, you can always mail me (P.S I request you, please don’t laugh after seeing my email ID :P.) Or you can connect with me on or Twitter @aman521997.*


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