Pursuit of Happiness


Every single person on this earth wants happiness, isn’t it?

Everyone want to have cheerful smiles, scintillating environment. Everyone wants money, power, reputation for the sole reason of being happy with that.

People think that happiness is a thing, a phenomenon that can be obtained or created. Happiness is an asset that can be bought.

But, all these narrow thoughts about happiness are immature, impractical and absolutely crazy.

The declaration of American independence holds a line which says,” all humans have unalienable rights. Among these include life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.


To be very honest, happiness is not at all achievable, you cannot keep it , you will have them, in Your moments but, it will again fade away.

Happiness is not constant.

What we all need to understand is that, if we pursue happiness, we are sure to get success and above all that, a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of love.

A person becomes happy when he loves what he does.

A person becomes happy when he has a very lovely relationship with people around him.

A person becomes happy when he gets work done.

 A person becomes happy, when after all the pitfalls he faced, all the bad remarks he got, all the tough times he went through, he achieves what he wanted.

A person becomes happy, when he makes another human being, happy.

You need to pursue

When you make your desire to become happy your goal, your defined aim, that’s when you start pursuing happiness.

You do anything and everything to achieve it. You face criticism. You face hardships, yet that goal keeps you in the race.

I have personally seen my friend.

He wasn’t a rich guy. He wasn’t living in a Luxurious bungalow. He just existed to himself. He failed to have too many friends. Nobody would go to him. They felt as if my friend didn’t belong in our school.

Yet, when he saw his peers, laughing, having fun with each other, he wanted to be there with them. He could have easily started hating those people but, he decided he will become happy and have the same fun that they are having, with them.

This sounded a little too much. Still he never got down on what he wanted.

He developed himself. He started reading books that were available in his school library . He concentrated on his studies. He started taking tutorials and earned a few more money for taking part and preparing for various competition.  He kept an eye on everyday news. He started opening up in class. He started interacting with teachers.

After 4 months.

His results were outstanding.

He won quiz competitions, essay writings, elocution and what not.

All of them, in his class, started respecting him.

And finally the day came when his peers, his mates, came to him and started talking with him. And gradually he got what he wanted. He laughed with them, had fun with them. He helped them.

He pursued happiness. And he got it.

His moment.

Still, he never stopped pursuing happiness. Why? Because he came to know that,

when you pursue happiness, you get everything you love.

Efforts need to be taken.

All I want to say is, even if you are rich, still there may be a point when you are not happy. When you are famous, still there will be a time when you are not happy. A time when you will have everything, every God Damn thing! still you aren’t happy.

Why? because you just stopped at a point. You stopped pursuing.

Small things can always give you enormous feeling of happiness.

Start pursuing for small, and one day, you will achieve something unimaginable (not in terms of material). Something, some feeling, truly divine and just out of this world.

Again I will say,

” Happiness is NOT for sale, its not for keeps. Happiness IS a feeling deep within that tells us to follow it. And when we follow, we just can’t help but realize the true power of pursuing it.” 😀

Hope it helps 😀

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  1. Tanmay · June 15, 2014

    awesome bro …..


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