That Bonding!


This post is very close to me.

And to day I realized the following :

Bonding, “the connection”, the understanding, the outstanding communication.

We all want it right? We always want a happening and exuberant relation with our friends, family, relatives, etc.

But what’s the reality? Are we really having such a relation with our closed ones? Let alone happening or exuberant, are we even having a relation?

Seeing the surroundings, the environment around, people and their thinking, i can say, No.

Bonding, is just not about talking to each other frequently, knowing each other’s whereabouts, knowing what he/she wears or eats or in short spending time to the T.

Bonding is all about how you make it.

Can you make a relation where understanding and trust are the crux of it? Can you make a relation where, without saying much, you know what the other person really needs? Can you have that relation where even silence between two people (The phase where you don’t talk or are angry with) can make you a better person? If yes, then you have “That Bonding.”

What actually, does it take to have this thing called “bonding”?


It really plays a major role. People tend to say, “Boy, i don’t have time for you.” or “I am too much into business,can’t talk.”

But it turns out to be a dreadful fall back for you. When you really love someone, from that one thing God graciously made- heart, you got to take time out for them.

What happens when you don’t give time?

1) Your loved one will actually start taking you very casually. Your presence becomes insignificant.

2) That person will forget you. Wonder whether you were a part of his/her life.

3) You are all alone with your success and money and fame.

What happens when you take efforts? when you give time?

1) That person will always feel incomplete without you.

2) For that person, you will be the sweet essence which they can’t even forget.

3) Even the smallest of the things with them will give you the feeling of ecstasy. A cheerful atmosphere.

It creates “that Bonding”


Frankly, we all know that in a relationship, understanding acts as a catalyst to glorify your love. Is understanding really that simple a concept? No. It isn’t.

It takes years together to “completely” understand a single person. Years.

But thanks to our judge-mental minds. Just by seeing a person’s portrayal or hearing about him/her from others, we create an absolutely blurry and immoral( at times) image of that person,  “This guy has so much attitude”, “this girl is good for nothing”.

A wrong step. We head to a conclusion which is strongly baseless.

What happens when you don’t even try to understand?

1) You might let go a person who is just made for you.

2) You create random thoughts about that person and later regret it 😦 .

3) You and that person may end up like hell. Quiet literally.

But what happens when you learn to understand?

1) You become more mature.

2) You become that one person with whom sharing things is easy, worth it and actually beneficial.

3) You learn to sacrifice and support.

It creates “that Bonding”


Well to begin with, we have recklessly lost the strong base of communication we had in the olden times. There was a time where people used to communicate and understand just by listening to each other’s voices. But what about today? We hardly want to listen or speak what is inside.

But I tell you, keeping a clear communication always helps in the long run. Communication just makes things more simpler. You might not know, how impactful your words may be to someone.

You never make the mistake of misunderstanding. Never.

“Speak what is inside. Listen carefully. Feel.”

Because, it creates “that Bonding”


Yes, yes. You know it. After all you yourself need it. But let me tell you that, this “support each other” thing is where we all sometimes make mistake. When someone creates a problem, what is the basic reaction we give? ” You useless brat”, “Go home. This isn’t a place for you.” Or worse you laugh on that person in front of so many people.

Even when its your loved one, who makes a mistake, you just go on firing him/her. Have you ever thought of supporting?

No we just Criticize.

Supporting here means, politely, making the person understand his/her mistake and at the same time solve the problem and offer them another chance to be better.

It creates “that Bonding”

Finally, Love.

We all know what love is, what powers that single 4 lettered word possesses. It can transform a person. Completely.

Believe in it. Its the best thing we do.

In the most difficult of times, when you love someone and don’t leave them, you just create a strong bond, like never before.

Its as simple as that.


Hope it helps 😀



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