The Limitations!

So here i was, standing beside this girl in college, thinking what’s wrong with her. She is smart, good looking and hard working. Anyone would love to have the mixture of these three qualities.

But what happened to this girl.
Why was she so afraid of talking in front of people?
why was she afraid of being a part of something magnanimous?
why was she afraid of herself?

And just as i was about to ask her, she said,” I am not that good with people. I hate my mistakes. I don’t want to spoil something by being a part of it. I am a no-one that deserves nothing.”

I just kept looking at her. So honest was her face. So many distresses.

I was awake that night, thinking why this girl thinks the way she thinks about herself.


And then i got the answer. “Limitations”

You must be thinking, how did he conclude this or what is the connection.

Its very simple.
We human beings tend to restrict ourselves just because of the fact that someone or something made us realize our limitations and we fear. Why? Because we don’t want to disclose our drawbacks in front of the world. Its pretty scary.

i agree.

But does that mean you will stop where you are?

Does that mean, you will never experience something new?

Does that mean you will never improve?

 No you can’t.

You cannot stop. You cannot cease. You cannot deteriorate.

Limitations are meant to be known, discovered and reduced. Once you know it, you need to think of a possible way of making it productive for you. Yes, you read the right words.

“You need to find a possible way of making it productive”

I know, you might question on why should i do this when actually i should completely remove it out of my system?
Well to answer this, i will start with a quote i read on twitter the other day.

“Don’t inspire people by becoming perfect. Inspire people by how you deal with your imperfections”

When you remove a characteristic of yours, when you change yourself, you don’t remain who you are. You lose.
But, when you deal with your mistakes, improve on what went wrong on your side, learn something new, you get all the successes of life even after being your own self! You win. How’s that?

Never be scared of your limitations. They are temporary. You are permanent.


Always strive to not stop.

Go out of the line, out of the boundary, experience something new, that actually can change your “life”.

Always keep on improving.

Becoming better.

So when i met this girl again the next day, i told her what i thought, what went wrong, what can be done. She listened.

She just told me to wait. That’s it. And she went away.

And few days later i found her, speaking her thoughts fluently in front of hundred people, still my same old pal, yet she found a way of dealing with her imperfections.
The next moment i found her chirping with her buddies, being so happy.
I was just mesmerized. Glad.

As i was about to leave the place, she called me and just hugged. That was it. She didn’t say a word.

We smiled. I wished her all the best and went outside. The feeling of satisfaction was beyond words.

Today, she is also the person who inspires.



Hope it helps 😀




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