The Criticism’s affection!

Family, Friends, Colleagues, Groups, pairs, individuals.

All, a part of Human circles or formations. And we stay right inside it.

Reasons are many. Ranging from the fear of being alone to the fun and feeling of happiness of being together with so many people.

But have you actually observed those people around you?

Behind those happening faces, behind those cute smiles, behind those absolutely lovely beings… there is something. Someone else to be precise.

Something that can put you in a completely absurd note. Something that can tear you apart. Lower your morale, your confidence, your energy.



Don’t be. 

There was this person, with whom I used to share almost everything about what I felt and gave him every reason for what I thought.

I thought that at-least there’s someone who listens to me. Understands my view point in this place.

The next day, I hear something so terrible, about myself, that it just shook me for a while.


I was being recognized as one of the most controversial person. i became the talk of the town. Some said, “He is very mean.” Some said, “He is too proud of himself.” And many more such criticisms kept on coming.

Bad it was. It affected me. 

And when I came to know that, the person whom I believed so much is striking my back, spreading rumors, etc., it just worsened my mind set further.

It is not the things which were told about me made me sad, but the person who breached his lines of trust!

And then after few sleepless nights, there was some mystic voice from inside which told me “Welcome to Reality.”

I don’t know why, but I smiled.

I just stopped thinking about the incident thereafter.

People have knowingly and unknowingly hurt me.

So I thought of a reason. Why? What was the problem with me? I must have done something to upset them :P. 

My mom once had told me, “The criticism you get is double of what work you do. Always be ready for that criticism because that is the only thing that will take you to glory in your life and will teach you about people.” And I was like, can this be true. I actually did a research on this and found out that, all the successful people today, at least once in their life-time have suffered a great degree of criticism.

And I absorbed the fact that, whatever we do (with good intention), though, can go through some terrible phase, will make us better.


When people hurt us or when things don’t go our way, we get affected so easily.

Yes, we do! It’s from inside.

It stops us.

It makes us static.

People start playing with our minds.

But you know what, I have seen people, people of my age, my own friends, who stand like a mighty rock enduring the pain, devising a way, a plan to deal with people and situations and what comes out, the result, is peace! They get least affected by their surroundings.


That is what we need to learn. We need to stop being affected from negative scenarios in our life, try to fight it and get the peace we all so desire!


We are meant to be happy and get the feel of every emotion.

We are meant to love, to eat, to read, to talk, to play, to run, to work.

We are meant to be strong, from inside!


It’s a very difficult path to choose, but actually can lead you to your satisfaction with time. Yes, your satisfaction!

Least affections. Endure and Learn from Criticisms.

They turn out to be your best lessons of life!

Hope it Helps 😀   


Please note – I don’t support people becoming suspicious about each other. Just a good observation is what I meant. 😛  And the situation which was mentioned above was fictitious.



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