The Ticketless Traveler

Ticketless Traveler. Yes, you read the title very correctly.

Most of you would be thinking, why is this guy writing about a ticketless traveler or Does he not have any other subject to write about.

Well to begin with, you and me are all ticketless travelers. Yes, its true!

A ticketless traveler never knows where he or she wants to go. They just get on the train or bus and wait for the last station to arrive. They sleep on the floor. Few of the lucky ones get a seat. But of course during the journey, there is a constant fear. If someone catches us then?

Then what would we do? Would we fight? Would we run away?

Or would we just buy a ticket?

The last question seems so idiotic right? If we know that we are going to get caught why won’t we buy a ticket at the first place? I will tell you why. Because you don’t want to spend your money. It is as simple as that.

Some of us don’t even have a penny, so buying a ticket is out of question. Really!


Not getting what I am trying to convey?

Its okay.

You don’t need to think much.

We know that we are the ticketless traveler. I will tell you about the remaining elements.

The money is our potential, our mind, our intelligence, our heart.

People who don’t even have a penny, in reality are the people, who resort to stuff like cheating, stealing, kidnapping, killing, etc.

The last stop is Death.

Ticket, is a meaning! Yes, it simply is a meaning.

Each one of us have a unique meaning and that’s why we are in that particular train of life. But no, we are adamant.

We get on the train, bus whatever and don’t know anything. Where to go, what to do is something we don’t really like to think about.

So here is the Fact, the Reality that follows.

We people are always afraid whether we would be able to do something in our life, whether the person beside you will become successful and you will remain as you are, whether anyone would love you, whether there is something you should actually live for.

You are free to disagree but that won’t change the fact that you are a ticketless traveler.

What would you do? Would you run? Run away from your life? From all the people around you whom you might get close to while in the train. Or would you fight? But then, the question arises. Whom would you fight with? Its just you. Fighting with other people would do no good as they have ticket and you don’t.

So here’s the last thing you can do!

Buy it!

Yes, find. Find the meaning of your life. Why are you alive?

I can tell you some of the reasons for sure which I have realized this far.

You may be alive to serve the society.

You may be alive to love someone endlessly.

You may be alive to do something that no one dares to.

You may be alive to pay for your deeds in the past, according to what Karma says.

You may be alive to nurture a bunch of trees. You may be alive to dance. You may be alive to  listen. You may be alive to speak.

Or just help someone find their meaning 🙂 .

Its not so easy. It takes money to buy the ticket.

Utilize your money well and decide where you want to head to! Somewhere at least. There has to be something that awaits you over there.

I can bet on it! 

Don’t live in that constant fear of being caught.

Once you are sorted with your ticket, you will reach your destination and do wonders out there. Wonders that the world has never seen before!

And if you have a VIP Pass that is, your dream, make sure you use it well 😉


Hope it helps 😀



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