The Journey towards Betterment! – 1

Quiet. Serene.

Everything was perfect. Just as I was thinking that life could have been no better, thunders and storms were right in front, coming my way. Everyone around me, ran away.

 I was alone. They were approaching fast.

The sound of those thunders and storms could have rattled anyone, could have scared any being. I kept running away from it. Run-Run-Run was the only thing I could think. But couldn’t make it further.

 It had me.

The thunders and storms rolled, twisted and swirled me. Ripped apart my hope of living. My body just couldn’t respond anything. Only could sense my tearing heart. Everything just went by.

I blacked out.

The sun rays were so strong that my eyes couldn’t help but squeeze first and then finally open up. I settled down. Trying to be comfortable a bit. As I began to realize, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


I was between the clouds, on the top of a very huge mountain. It was heavenly. My eyes were stuck to that gracious scenery for quite a while.

I began to question myself “Where was I?” ”What was I Doing?” “How did I even reach here?” I started to roam around the mountain, the luscious green land, like a soul with no home. I could hear some of the most beautiful voices but I wasn’t able to see anything, rather anyone, but trees and flowers. It was evening. I could sense the growing cold around me and started searching for a place where I could sit. Finally, I was lucky to find a cave. But something was different. There was a bon-fire in between the place but no human. I couldn’t think of anything so I just sat beside the fire. It was comforting and relaxing.

“Feeling good?” I heard someone say. I woke up to see a woman standing in front of me. She was tall, elegant but little wrinkled. Her brown eyes were breath taking. She had a very historically designed shawl around her body. “Yes, but who are you?” I asked. “I am just as you. A wandering soul.” I felt a sense of relativity but wasn’t sure. “I woke up this morning on the top of the mountain top. I was caught in a storm and I almost felt as if I was dead. How did I survive? What is this place? And why am I here? Can you please answer me?” I asked her. I really wanted an answer. I felt lost.

“Well, as a matter of fact, you are here at nature’s wish. It wanted you to feel the harsh pain, it wanted you to understand and feel what it is like to be lost. It wanted you to search for answers yourself. I have been sent to help you, that’s what nature wants from me”, she said. “But why me only?” I was irritated by the answer. “You always had all the things you wanted and extra. You had people around you to care for you, but you never really valued them. You never really tried to realize the fact that people were sad and hurt because of you. You just were so selfish”, she finished.

I couldn’t bear this fact. Were the storms and thunders, clouds, mountains, forests, the feeling of coldness, the feeling of being alone, the cave, the woman, was any of this for real? Was what the woman said right? I….just didn’t have any answer.

I sat quietly. Then she came to me, caressed my hair and smiled and said, “Hey, don’t worry. Nature always wants everyone’s happiness. I am with you. You just need to understand and realize what you really are because nature never gives chances like this to people who aren’t good. It gave you one, right? Utilize it. Reach your potentials. Mark your destiny and defy if necessary. You have the power, the courage, all you need is to make it real!”

I felt better. Way better. “I am ready to be better. What do I do?”….

I woke up. It was all a dream. But something significant! Something my heart said, will come to me again soon with all the answers!

I am waiting.

Hope it helps! 😀

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