Redefining Success

Success is what everyone desires for. It is what makes you famous, rich, strong and powerful, isn’t it?
Well, it is way more than that.

Recently, I was watching a video uploaded by a foreign artist and what he did made me rethink about success- its definition and how to get it.
Success is not that mammoth extravagant achievement. It is not money or power. All it is, is just doing what you wish to do, at your best.
If you wish to make someone happy, make him happy and you will be successful. If you wish to help your mom around the kitchen, help her and that’s a success. If you wish to dance in front of hundreds of people, do it and success is yours. Small, that it may sound, it is these bits of small successes that make you rich and happening in true sense.
You become a person who lives on his/her terms.

And if you go by a broader sense, success is being a person who writes his own life story. Nothing else.

Achieving success is quite simple. Just follow this

Don’t Think

Well well many of you will disagree with this but it is what I think.

The other day I met Mr. Subodh. He is an entrepreneur. He had failed in third year engineering that too, two times in a row. While I was talking to him, this fact of “don’t think” was like a dawn after the  mysterious dark night.
He had this dream of creating world class ships and boats for the Indian waterways. Almost everyone criticised him, not only for his failures in academics but for his ideas too.. We all know Indian waterways is not widely used. But I tell you what, he didn’t  think. Nor about the criticisms nor about anything else.
He believes in the fact that “If it succeeds, it will be my success, and if fails, it will be my failure.”
He created ships initially, of wood and fitted a motor that was light, ran on bio-fuel and had a good speed and above all it was safe and fast. He started in Allahabad where the Triveni river is situated. Farmers and villagers enjoyed the ride from their village to the city at affordable prices. Things were going good and his hard work and goodwill paved way to start services in other places too. And today, Mr. Subodh has two units of ship making, one in Allahabad and one near Goa. And he is soon going to expand his services in Mumbai.
He never really expected fame or money, all he wanted to do is build ships and help the villagers.

The second and last thing you require is The-Once I say something, I will do anything to get it done- attitude. If you have it in you, man you are a lucky one. If you don’t have it than trust me, trying to learn it will be an even more amazing experience. It will be difficult, almost impossible but once you start implicating this attitude, you will be unstoppable.

Success comes when you decide to let it come, not vice versa



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