Journey to betterment – 2

“You have to focus. You have to take responsibility” Well, as common and unlikable it may sound to us, you have to accept the fact that you do need to listen and implement it.

It was another day at the forest near the river Taksh. The water was as transparent as air. And you could see the tiny fishes following their elder counterparts. I had been assigned the work to cut woods and get some fruits and vegetables for us- me and the woman.

Distraction, if you are vulnerable, can lead you to bad consequences.

As I was admiring the beauty of nature, I heard a horse galloping. Well, the person riding the horse seemed like a knight. For the first time I looked at something so intimidating. The steel and iron armour, a shiny sharp sword and a flag representing the house of guerrilla. House of guerrilla were the worst of houses in the region. They killed people like flies, the woman had once told me. I was beginning to feel the fear and pain already. The horse came closer and so did the fear.
The horse stopped right next to where I was standing. “Can you get us some water.” Surprising as it was, the voice was feminine. Female or male, better get the water, I thought. I took out my basket from the bag the woman had given me, filled it with the water of Taksh and gave it to the knight. As far as the voice goes, she drank it very quickly. Then she got down, removed the head gear.
I couldn’t believe myself. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen was standing right in front of me, not to mention, I had only seen two in the forest including her.
Her eyes were blue as water, her cheeks were pink and flawless. Her hair had the colour of twilight. They were so long and beautiful. I was definitely seeing an angel. “Well, you seem to be a local.” She said. Well, I was so into her that all I could say is nothing. “Hey! I snapped out of my thoughts. “Yes I am”, I said. “Where do you stay? She asked. “I live in the forest near the alpine mountains” “Take me there” she said. I couldn’t understand the reason behind her coming with me to the forest. “Okay” I said fearing the consequences of saying no. She took the rope with which the horse was attached and started walking with me. I felt amazing. Not that I could boast about walking with a girl here, in this isolated forest with no one except me and the woman, but who cares. She then asked me about what I did for a living and why was I in the forest. At first I thought of telling her about the woman and what was the reason behind me to live in this forest with her but then I restrained myself. However beautiful she may be, I can’t trust someone like that. I told her that I liked the nature and so I lived here.
She kept on walking without a word from that moment. Then I asked her ” Why are you coming with a stranger in a forest?” “I am afraid that some knights of the Takira House are looking for me. They want to kidnap me” she said. “How can you trust me?” “Sometimes you do need to take a leap of faith. And you looked like someone who is not like the others and I need help.”
Suddenly an arrow hit the tree exactly to our right. She said, “it must be them. Let’s run” We ran. I could hear something screaming loudly and it sounded like a demon. We ran fast. Very fast. She fall down and hit a stone. The sweat was dripping down my face. My heartbeats couldn’t have been faster. I was worried like anything. Arrows were flying on to us like rain. I had to do something. I picked her up and took her on my back and started running to my cave. The intensity of the situation was ferocious. The screams of those demons, the drops of blood from her head, the arrows coming our way, the sound of leaves rustling,  my legs aching but there was no way I could stop. It was beginning to get dark. Luckily I found my cave and went right inside it. I put her on the large piece of rock. The woman had taught me to make a medicine. I took the leaf she had brought in the morning and put it in the vessel filled with water and started heating it. I could not lose her was the only thing running in my mind. I kept looking at her. I forgot that I had to bring wood and food for the night. I forgot about the fishes. I forgot the woman too.
The medicine was ready. I put it in the vessel and slowly inside her mouth using it. I could sense her breathing. It gave me a reassurance.
Suddenly, I heard a voice. “I know you are here Zelaka. And I will take you with me.” A gigantic man, with a sword in his right hand and shield in his left entered the cave. “Hey, you can’t take her. She is not well” I said. “You puny human. If you come in my way, this will be your last night.” I thought, he will not do anything to me if I just let him take Zelaka. But then I looked at Zelaka and thought, how afraid and vulnerable and selfish I was. She came with me here only to be safe. How could I let him take Zelaka? Was this the reason I am in this world? With the woman.

“Stop right there” I said gathering all the courage I had. He looked at me. He laughed at me and then he started walking towards. I could see myself getting slaughtered. Then came an Idea. I shouted “Where is she?” He turned around. I took the hot vessel in my hand and stepped on the stone next to me and I hit it hard on his head. It was an amazing blow, I thought. He fell down. I picked up Zelaka and ran out of the cave to somewhere.
She is my responsibility. I need to protect her. She is in danger. I kept running and found another cave. I took some leaves from a nearby plant and gathered it to make a pillow. I put her head on the leaf pillow I made with the leaves and covered her with some leaves.
Again I thought, why was I doing this. I could just have given her water and ran away or could have ran away in the first place. I could have given Zelaka to that monstrous man. Why did I take the trouble?
Well sometimes in life, responsibilities come uninvited. And running away from it doesn’t help at all. You need to be responsible, do what it takes. Focus on things around you.
I felt good.
I drifted off to sleep. Next thing in the morning I find myself near the vessel with which I hit the guy. I got up in shock. How did I came back to my cave? Where is that guy? Where is Zelaka? And then I heard ” you did a fine job” and then I saw the woman. It was all some set up, I thought. The woman smiled. “I did this to see what you do in worst situations. And I am proud you learnt what needs to be.” Good beginning!
She vanished. Oh boy, how will I be able to take all of this.

“Get up you sleepy head, you have to go to college!” And then I realized I was back to my world. “Yes Mom”
What I need is to understand my responsibilities and act upon them. I need to focus. Two things I have to implement in my behaviour. Running never helps, does it?


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