The Wedding Locks

Well, marriages in India are a big deal. It is just not about the bride and groom, it is also about their families. Bride’s family. Groom’s family.
Both, the families and the bride and groom, always have certain expectations from the marriage.
The bride’s mother and father dream that their daughter should get the best husband and family that considers her their daughter. The groom’s family dream that their son should get a beautiful bride and she should understand and follow all the rituals of the family.
Well, it is normal. You dream about your marriage, your spouse, the love and all those cute things around, the kids you both are going to have (typical).

But marriages are way beyond all this. It tests you and people around related.
Can you reach beyond the boundaries to save a relation? Should you?
Ofcourse, I am not an expert on this subject, but my mother encouraged me to write about this.

Here’s a story of a couple and their family. And there are questions after the story. I would love you can answer them.

Anant Maheshwari’s whatsapp status read: Getting Married šŸ˜€
Anant was really excited about his marriage to Aashima. You could just look at his face and tell how happy he was.
He had black eyes, his nose a little bigger than his sisters’, he was fair and had a moustache and beard that made him even more attractive. He was not too short and nor too tall. He was really handsome. Any girl would have fallen for him in an instant but he chose his parent’s choice, Aashima.
Aashima was tall, elegant and lean. She was good looking but something was different about her in all the goodness. Something that niether his parents had seen nor Anant himself.
Aashima was too happy to even express herself.
Both of them couldn’t stop thinking about each other, their future.
But, future had something different in store for them. Something niether of the two could have imagined.

22nd December’s night, the two had one of the most beautiful Indian wedding ever. Anant’s and Aashima’s families had done everything to makeĀ  this a grand and ecstatic affair for them and no one could deny that.

Marwadis (one of the Indian community) always have this long list of rituals to be followed post marriage but again, they are beautiful and fun (sometimes too boring for youngsters like me :p).
Anant and Aashima enjoyed every bit of their wedding and the rituals. Not even for a moment could they stop their smiles that adorned their faces like a golden sunrise. They just couldn’t look any where else but at each other.

It was the best thing that happened to them, or so they both thought.

Aashima was now, a part of the Maheshwari family. Everyone in the family loved her and were too happy.
She was welcomed ,like a queen, in the house by her in laws.
It was picture perfect.
Anant’s sisters, their husbands, kids, and his parents celebrated their welcoming. Anant was being teased by his siblings and Aashima just smiled. They had a lot of fun. And at the end, they wished them a happy married life.
Initially, things were going very smoothly.
But one day, things changed forever between the two and their family. No one could have imagined that they would be seeing that day, especially Anant.

Chirag and his wife (Anant’s relatives) had come to meet the newly weds.
Aashima brought drinks for them. She seated beside Chirags’s wife and Anant beside Chirag. As they were talking, suddenly the glass filled with drink from Aashima’s hand fell on Chirag’s wife. The courteous sorry followed. Chirag’s wife went to wash the part of her dress which got dirty.

And in seconds, the sin took place. No one saw it. Neither Anant nor Chirag.

Chirag’s wife came back. She settled down. And for a second, her eyes saw her slightly opened purse. But she chose to ignore and continued to talk to Aashima.
Later, when it was time to leave, Chirag’s wife opened her purse to take out an envelope that she had brought for Anant and Aashima. Instead, she got a shock. 2000 rupees were missing from her purse. She was confused. Where could the 2000 go?
Anant and Chirag search the entire place but couldn’t find. Aashima was just standing aside looking at the desperate souls searching the 2000 bucks.
After a while, they gave up. Anant was feeling extremely sorry and sad for Chirag’ wife’s loss. Never had anything, such as this, happened in their house.
Chirag and his wife left,dissappointed.
Anant said,”Aashima, this has never happened in this house. Where could the 2000 rupees go?” “I am feeling very bad. But what can we do now?” Was all she replied.
Later that day, Chayaa, Anant’s mother asked him, “Anant, I had kept my gold bangals in this drawer. I am not able to find them.” “What? Wait let me see around.” Said Anant. Aashima, had just entered the house. “Aashima have you seen mom’s gold bangals anywhere?” “No Anant. Why? What happened?” Anant replied in a delibrate tone, “They are not here.” “Oh no! Let me search.”

No one saw the look Aashima had on her face.

They all searched a lot. But everything went in vain. At night, Anant went out in the living room for a while. He was thinking about all the events that had occurred today. He couldn’t stop himself. He wanted to know, how the hell things happened today, the way they happened? He was roaming around. And his eyes fell on the small packet kept behind the computer. He opened the packet and just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Holy S**t!! How did these came here?” He was looking right at the 2000 rupees and gold bangals. He was about to call everyone but an idea struck him. Whoever had kept this packet will come to take it so he decided to wait and see. He was on the couch. His eyes a little dizzy. But someone came in.
It was 5.00 am. He heard the footsteps nearing the computer and he switched on the light. And it was almost like, lightning had struck him. Aashima was standing right in front of her with the packet. “Aashima, how could you?? Why would you do this?”
She was dead silent. “Why Aashima? Tell me” but not a word came out from her mouth.
Only tears.
Anant, was deeply hit. He went to his room and just sat on the bed. Sleep was miles away from Anant. Shock and sadness were right in front of him.
In the morning, Anant told everything to his parents. Same emotions turned up. They called Aashima.
Shreekant, Anant’s father said, ” Aashima, whatever you did was absolutely wrong. Why did you do this?” Aashima had no answer.
Chayaa said,” Shreekant, let me talk to Aashima alone. She must be feeling bad and must be afraid.”
Chayaa took her to her room. “Look Aashima, you don’t need to be afraid. Mistakes happen by everyone. I am sure you must have had a reason behind this. But we are well enough. You don’t need to do all this. Whatever you want you can ask for it” And Chayaa just hugged Aashima.

Everything was back to normal. But for how long could they have been?
Whoever visited the Maheshwari’s lost a thing or whenever Aashima went to someone else’s place, the thing or money just went missing.
People aren’t mad. They eventually come to know. And they now knew, who was behind but they didn’t say a word. They all respected Anant’s family a lot.

Things went from bad to worst between Anant and Aashima. There were n number of fights between them, and Anant’s parents couldn’t bear anything of this sort.
She had a problem with him going out with his friends and drinking(occasionally). She had problem if he came late.
Anant was frustrated.
Each day Anant looked at his parents. He wanted them to be happy. He knew the cause. He wanted to rectify things now.

He calmed himself. He bought things for Aashima. Took her to places. He did everything that a loving husband does. He stopped going out with his friends.
But, things just didn’t work out. Aashima turned arrogant and bitter day by day.
Finally things were out of hands. Aashima’s parents were called. At first they clearly denied everything that Anant told them. They even asked for proofs. They pointed out at Anant for drinking and coming late. There were heated arguements between them. But later, a reality like nothing else came in front. Aashima suffered from some kind of problem. She had this habit of stealing things. Her parents knew about this but never told anyone anything. Anant was in bits. His parents couldn’t believe it.

Sometimes, destiny leads you to places you never imagined of.

All the family members tried everything they could to help Aashima. But Aashima just couldn’t come out of her self. She, now had problems with all her in laws, Anant’s friends. Almost everyone he was associated with.
Anant was going through one of the worst phases of his life.
They say, when God takes someone’s test, he puts worst of the problems to solve.
Anant’s father died.

Everyone was in grieve.Ā  Anant and his sisters couldn’t stop crying. Aashima too had tears in her eyes. Chayaa was in a big shock.
Almost a hundred of people had come to visit the Maheshwari’s.

One week had passed. Aashima was with one of her close relatives. And she blurted out, “God should have taken away my mother in law instead of him” The relative couldn’t imagine the level of dreadedness Aashima had within herself.
Her mother in law had done so many things for, she defended her, she supported her, and Aashima was like a daughter to her. But then, you can’t really understand people sometimes.

Few days later, Shreekant’s medicines were missing. Everyone searched. Aashima, too ,was in the search of medicines.
Just then, her phone buzzed. Anant picked up the phone and heard someone saying, “Madam ji, we have sold the medicines. Come and collect your money.” Anant was broken. How can a person do a thing like this?
Everyone in the family came to know about this.
All were shocked. Shaken.
Why did Aashima do this? How could she play with everyone’s emotions like this?
Initially everyone resented her. But seeing Anant like the way he was, everyone thought of something.
Rekha, Anant’s elder sister, talked with Aashima. Her Husband handled Anant.
They suggested Anant to take her to a pyschiatrist but Aashima denied it in an instant. They pleaded her to atleast get a counselling done, but she didn’t agree at all. She hated them all. She just wanted Anant to be around and listen to her.
Anant. The sweet soul was not able to handle such acidic emotions. Such bad realities.
Chayaa, tried everything in her capacity to make Aashima happy. She thought that if Aashima is happy, she wouldn’t have anything to fight and Anant would be fine. Same thoughts were running in Anants’s mind. He wanted things to become peaceful so that her mother could live in peace. Both made Aashima happy in their own ways, but still she would complain.

Anant’s sisters, their husbands too, tried to help.
Anant was suffering losses. He was mentally disturbed.

But Aashima wouldn’t change for Gods. Anant is still trying to change Aashima. For good. Hoping that one day, they will be happy as they once were.

A women is the backbone of the house. She is that unnamed support of the man of the family without which he can’t succeed in life. She is the protector of family. The heart. But when she becomes the destroyer, you can just imagine the situation for the man.

A marriage is a sacred relation. It is beyond words. All I want to say is, if you are married, try to be honest with each other and understand each other. And if things aren’t working out AT ALL, leave it. But try everything before you go for that.

To all the women, be that support that can never be broken.
To all the men, be that understanding and loving person thatĀ  never fades out until the death.
To all the families – Name and reputation are secondary, what matters is if something is wrong, take the step that is right but don’t just ignore. Silence kills and when it kills, you will be in pieces, broken, shattered.

What do you all think about this?
What should have Anant’s family done?
How could haveĀ  Anant helped Aashima?
Was everything Anant’s family did was right?

You can inbox me or write in the comments.


One comment

  1. Beth · April 1, 2015

    1. May be she has a psychotic problem in which she fancies other people’s things just like different people have different cravings.But that is not a reason to do a crime.
    2.Divorce… in india divorce is seen as a very bad sign but people must understand that there are differences among people and some just can’t stay together due to their priorities or whims or behavior even if they want to. And since this woman is not even trying to amend that can be the only solution to prevent more emotional losses


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