Songs coming your way #7

Well, the music surely takes us to another world altogether.
It’s sweet and groovy tunes with the emotional punch make you love this song.


Hello people, Saturday was almost here 🙂
Its okay to cheat a bit right 😛

And here’s a song that came across when I was going through some of Spinning Sessions Miami stuff !

Song of the week
WKND - Lost

So there are some songs in life that are here to take you to a whole new world altogether. Right from the start the sweet beats drop in & beautiful transitions just take over.

Interesting thing is to know the background story behind this song when Max Seethaler aka WKND decided to make this song , this is what he had to chip in
” I couldn’t see coming it down the eye, so I had to make the song cry. Well sometimes you suffer from setbacks . One of those hardest setbacks that life probably could give you is the feeling of disappointment by someone you love,someone you…

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