The Reality Check

For hours we used to talk
With those jolly steps and some drinks we used to go on walks
The amazing moments that we had
The funny banter about which we were so glad
She was happy with me it seemed
But one day she faced some troubles and problems
I got to know and off did i go
Just to meet her
And as I was standing in front of her, things got real blur
For when I asked her “Are you okay?”
“Mind your own business.” Was all she had to say.

Surprised and shocked, I made a reality check.

He was someone I used to call my brother
From Clothes to food dishes
From Notes to our dreams and wishes
We shared everything with each other
I called it our bro-mance but in reality, things were all for a chance
For when he became successful and strong
After lots of missed calls he finally picked up and asked, “Why are you calling me? What’s wrong?”
Just the question I never longed

Sad and disappointed, I made a reality check.

She always asked me to help her out in work
I did it like a clerk
I was always the one to carry the shopping bag
Never in my life I thought it to be a snag
Feelings had started to come up
I fell for her, my heart chirped
As I was about to speak my mind
I saw her kissing another man, that time

Hurt and disappointed, I made a reality check

I wasn’t trying to be the hero
Just wanted to save my society from those 100s who made us  zero
“Lead us all. We are with you” they shouted
But then, when I looked back
There was no one, just a sound of crack

Alone in the darkness, I made a reality check.

I never really understood
The irony of being good.
They all said, “this is how the world works”
And I realized, things were bad at the very crux.
We never really value what’s with us
Materiality has become a desperate thirst
There was a time we cared about those small little gestures, the smiles on the faces of others
Now, not giving a shit about this and that, has become the new swag!


One comment

  1. Betty Sue Fligor · July 26, 2015

    Superb writing!


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