For Her!

She was so beautiful, her aura, her simplicity, her laughs, her sweet voice made me sway into dreams of her.

She had these gorgeous hair, these exquisite eyes, this charm around herself…

She was just pure truth!

I wanted to show her the whole world, from the butterflies to the oceans below the sky, from the deepest pains to the unbelievable joys

I wanted to jump from a cliff with her, only to fly as high as we could, only to reach the spaces beyond

I wanted to dance with her, all night, throughout the moon light, her legs on mine, our hands intertwined

I wanted to live every moment with her, all the successes and all the failures, from the scratch till the apex

I wanted to go on a long drive with her, from the sunrise till those stars shined

I wanted to love her like the way she had never imagined, care for her till those skylines, on the far sides  

I wanted to take away all her scars and pains, never even let a single tear fall from her eyes

I wanted to hold her, feel every inch of her, and kiss her, share with her, everything that I had inside of me.

I wanted to make her Happy!


One comment

  1. Ankita Parekh · October 3

    Ive read it again. And had read it a few days back as well while reading through your blog. This is pure. This is beautiful. Every girl wishes to be loved this way. And any girl would fall for a guy who matches with the words above .


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