I always hated people who didn’t have purpose and direction in life. I thought of them as those who travelled in trains or flights having no destination in mind.
I also pitied them. They would roam around, flashing their fake smiles, their charismatic personality full of facade and sometimes a poker face trying to hide themselves from the reality of their life.

Today I realized, I am one of them.
I want to do many things in life, big things, things that require all your energy… but the only problem is that, they are all in the different spectrums rather different fields.
One day I like to think of myself as a visionary leader who will change the lives of the citizens of his country, the other day I want to be the richest person on earth and the day after I want to be the best corporate personnel and some other day I just think of myself as an accountant.

Everything is tempting. Everything is captivating.

Yet there’s a way things are achieved and most of the times you can’t have it all.

You will have to leave something in order to achieve some other thing.

I am confused. I don’t know where to start and where to end. I don’t know whether what I am doing is right, will take me towards my dream or not. I am confused between the plethora of alternatives the world has given me.

I am confused between risking my life and being the safe playing guy.

I am confused between friendship and leadership.

I am confused between love and duty.

I am confused between revenge and justice.

This confusion is the biggest challenge, I guess in anyone’s life…

And if you are confused… you may well end up in the middle of nowhere.


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