Relations and their sinking ships!

Yes I know. It has been a really long time since I have put up a post. Been busy with all the examination stuff.

In all this time, since my last post, I have come across so many experiences of people around me, my own too, about relations, that I felt apt to write it down.

My regular readers, who have followed my writing surely know that I write what people share with me or what I have gone through myself. Quick advice, start listening and not hearing, and you will have one of the best personality around. I can guarantee it to you. So this time around I came across some varied viewpoints and experiences and expectations of my friends regarding relationships. One is waiting for a relationship to happen; the other one is in a long distance relationship and one of my other friend has stopped believing in the concept of relationship because of the heartbreak she experienced.

So when I say, waiting for relationship to happen, I literally mean that. This friend of mine has mingled with so many people, some she liked but didn’t get the response she was expecting and some others who liked her but she had set a criteria (physical attributes) and they didn’t fit in. She has been waiting for her Mr. Right since four years now! Of course you can wait for eternity if you want but do you really need to?  The one thing that intrigued me about this first aspect is the amount of expectations and limitations we take around with ourselves. Not saying that you shouldn’t wish about the kind of person you want to be with but come on, you have got to be realistic and at least know the person even if they don’t meet your Mr. Right personality. Because as far as I have seen or rather I believe, we have become capable and independent individuals who can handle ourselves and we can make things happen. What we really need is someone who can love us, care for us and be there with us in our bad and good phases, with whom we can share everything rather than some 6 foot tall, fair complexion shit. And trust me you will always want to end up with this sort of a person. So before your ship even begins to sail, make sure you have no holes at the bottom.


Ahh.. long distance. I really find the concept a bit tricky because for me, the person I want spend time with should be around me and not in some different city or country. Usually these relations end up really soon. But this friend of mine, who has told me everything about her relationship, man, she and her boyfriend handle their relation with so much care and trust. Both of them know at what time the other one would eat, or go to college or what time do they go for having a bath…hahaha…I find it funny too, but it isn’t. They literally manage their schedules in such a way that they can talk on skype and whatsapp. I feel that these guys truly like each other and would go to any extend to be there for each other. In contrast, what we do is still not spend time even though our partner might just be living two blocks away! All I want to say about this aspect is that, once you are in a relationship, you BOTH have to take equal efforts and measures to maintain it. Even a small lapse from one side can, within seconds, break a good relationship. So now that you are in the ship, make sure you put your sail perfectly and fight out the waves as much as you can, together.


Finally, a touchy topic. Break up and its aftermath. Now this friend of mine, the third one, she has always been shy and hesitant about dating. But then she met a guy, someone from her own community, someone who was pursuing the same course in academics as she was, someone who really liked her or that was what she told me. They both spent time with each other and roamed around and texted whenever they got time. Being in the same course was an added advantage. Promises and lot of love was exchanged. But then things changed. This guy went somewhere else outside the city for studies, met a girl and committed to her. What a cheater, you guys must be thinking, but no, it wasn’t completely his fault. They weren’t in a relationship! My dear friend kept things a bit before the line of dating and not much to my surprise he went away. The problem is, we don’t communicate our feelings well, when we should be. Keeping the other person waiting is just going to drive them apart. And as far as I have seen break ups, of all the problems, communication and time have been the real killers. Either you don’t spend time or you don’t talk what’s needed. So as you are about to land on shore make sure you get down together!

Or you might as well jump from the sinking ship together.

And yes, I would also want to share my own stuff. Will not be going into details but sometimes we don’t really understand the person we like, I mean what they say has a particular meaning and what we understand is yet another meaning. So make sure you are on the same track or rather, there is concensus-ad-idem. (Studying business law a lot lately :P)


That is all.

Hope you had a good read.

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For Her!

She was so beautiful, her aura, her simplicity, her laughs, her sweet voice made me sway into dreams of her.

She had these gorgeous hair, these exquisite eyes, this charm around herself…

She was just pure truth!

I wanted to show her the whole world, from the butterflies to the oceans below the sky, from the deepest pains to the unbelievable joys

I wanted to jump from a cliff with her, only to fly as high as we could, only to reach the spaces beyond

I wanted to dance with her, all night, throughout the moon light, her legs on mine, our hands intertwined

I wanted to live every moment with her, all the successes and all the failures, from the scratch till the apex

I wanted to go on a long drive with her, from the sunrise till those stars shined

I wanted to love her like the way she had never imagined, care for her till those skylines, on the far sides  

I wanted to take away all her scars and pains, never even let a single tear fall from her eyes

I wanted to hold her, feel every inch of her, and kiss her, share with her, everything that I had inside of me.

I wanted to make her Happy!

The Much Needed Talk

Communication is the key to express yourself in front of the entire world. World can be perceived differently by different people but I am not getting into that today. My major focus will be on the aspect of communication especially, the one part that I have been continuously experiencing and observing around myself.

Great people have defined communication as exchange of ideas, thoughts, emotions, etc. And of-course they are absolutely right. Well, there are books and everything else on communication and I am just a college student  writing about this topic which  may certainly raise some eyebrows. But in these few days, the people that I have been talking to, have shown me a very common yet a complicated side of communication that I literally had to just gulp my coffee up and keep listening. (That is another story that I like listening :P)

“Dude I am fed up now.” shouted Ria who was sitting across me in CCD.

“He just doesn’t have time for me. I am always the one who calls him, messages him, facebook him, whatsapp him and still, there is no proper response. He will talk for few minutes and then the phone goes silent.”

“What can I do?” I replied. I didn’t want to get into the relationship equation of these guys by any chance. I mean, first of all they don’t understand each other to a certain level and then they get into a relationship and when things go wrong, they blame each other.

“You just drink your coffee and don’t help me out here!” She got mad at me Dude, seriously? I thought.

“Listen up pretty girl. Firstly Rahul is a passionate dancer as far as I have known him. He has given certain commitments to that profession. Of course he will have less time for everything else. And he has to perform in different shows and competitions in different places, of course he won’t be able to take time out just to talk with you. And he has to make his career like us. You can’t mess with that.”

“Then what should I do?” asked the seriously in-the-crying-mode Ria.

“Well just talk to him. Tell him what you feel.”

“What?” She shouted again. “The very problem is that he has no time to talk and you want me to talk?”

“Yes! Tell him everything to you are feeling right now.” I replied

“Have you lost it? What if he feels sad about it? What if he feels that I don’t understand him? WHAT HE BREAKS UP WITH ME?”

Sorry to the women folklore that are reading this but I could make only one conclusion. Females are the most dramatically complicated beings ever! Like seriously. Firstly, you are having a problem with something. Then you want your best friend or whomever person to give you a solution or at least listen to you. And when we do give you a solution, you are all but complaining about it. I mean I understand things can be difficult but if you are literally suffering because of a person then it is your responsibility to talk to that respective person and get done with it. The least that can be done is expressing yourself. If you don’t talk, how will you ever get a response? In fact, the very person you are having problem with will always be unaware of it completely.

A person can’t just keep dragging thoughts within him/herself.

It will only diminish all the positive values and power within yourself.

It will make you lazy, outrageous and frustrated. You won’t be able to think about anything else but that thought.

Communicating to the concerned person is the key.

“Ria just listen to me for this once. It will work out. If you can’t talk then write everything that you feel in a piece of paper and give it to him. But let him know how you feel.”

All she said was, “okay, I will try.”

And we drank our coffee and went home.

The next day in college as I was getting out of the class for break “Hey, I have been wanting to see you for so long Mr Busy Bee.”

Yeah right! Out of the blue you meet me and call me busy bee in front of the entire corridor and laugh by yourself. Anyway I smiled and ignored the name given to me as she was my close friend, Devika.

“Yeah yeah! I messaged you twice few days ago but you didn’t reply”

I was actually angry at her. She will message me every time she needs some help and she will go off. And then she calls me a busy bee. What the hell?

“I am sorry.” She did it so cutely that, you guys understand right? 😉

“Allright. Let’s go outside now”

We went to the nearby food stall and as I was about to eat my first bite of my favorite sandwich, she made a long face. I thought about it. She had her own sandwich. I didn’t even take a bite from it neither did I pulled her leg for a while. Then what’s the problem?

“Hey Devika. What happened?” I asked.

“I don’t know man. You know how I want to go to the US and pursue my studies right?” I felt relieved. It was not me after all.

“Yeah of course I remember. We had a long discussion on it. And I even told you my plans. So what about it?” I asked

“The problem is I won’t be allowed to go to US by my parents.” She answered

This is another societal thinking that we have in our country. Daughters are looked upon as a liability. Earlier people didn’t even used to educate them. And now they want their girls to get a local degree so that the guy finds her fit enough to marry her and take her home or if the girl wants to pursue further studies she is asked to study in a place nearby fully having the knowledge that the faculty and everything else that a reputed college will give is no match to that local college. Still, that is her place.

“Just talk with your parents. Tell them that you want to pursue further studies. And Devika as far as I have known you, you are brilliant at academics and completely deserve to go wherever you want.”

“They won’t listen to me. Dad is like “I will get you into XYZ College and you can study here. No need to go anywhere” Mom supports me but Dad’s approval is of utmost importance.

“See Devika. These are all excuses that we make. If a person wants to achieve something then he has to be determined and get to it no matter what.” I replied

“It is not that simple you know.” She made a sad face again.

I thought for a while. Devika is actually a decent and intelligent girl. Her parents should have no problem at all. Then why don’t they understand her. Don’t know her viewpoints. Then it struck me.

“Devi do you talk to your parents? Like in general. Do you have discussions with them?”

“No. I mean I come to college, go home, study for a while and you know how I like to laze around and sleep and I have my food afterwards and I sleep”

“So in short, you don’t talk to your parents?”

“Yeah. You can say that. I mean dad comes late and by the time he comes I sleep. Mom too is busy with her job. But you know, I had recently asked him if I could go with my friends to Bangalore for a few days and he straight away rejected.”

“What else do you expect him to do? Devika on a serious note, your parents are not allowing you because they think that you haven’t become mature. That you are still the little girl and they only want you to be safe.”

“But…” Devika tried to talk but I interrupted

“Listen to me. Until and unless you talk with your parents, they won’t understand you. You should tell them about what happens with you in college. Not all the stuff, but something that you would share with a close someone. Ask them about how their day at the office. Talk to them about the course you are currently doing and its scope. Just talk with them. A person understands someone else only by his actions and when he talks and conveys his ideas and thoughts. Simple example is us. We have talked and discussed so many things that now we know each other properly. You know the kind of person and I am and vice versa. Why did this happen? You have the answer.”

We people have been given the brain, the heart, the language. And still we want to keep quiet. Why? And that too with one of the most important persons of our lives.

I am not an expert but I have learnt this through my personal experience. Today when I tell my dad that I want to do business, he supports me. He knows that I have the capability and guts to do it. He came to know only when I spoke about my dreams, when I showed him my determination and hard work. When I talked with him.

Today we have so many facilities, so many services.


All we need to do is talk. Express ourselves. Know each other. And I can guarantee it to you that you will never have a sour relationship with anyone in your life. But yeah, I am not responsible if you talk in a nonsensical way 😛 .

By the way, these two girls messaged me on the very next day that things are starting to get worked out.

Ria and Rahul have sorted their relation while Devika has managed to talk to her parents and they seemed to be very happy with her new behavior.

P.S – I have changed the name of the girls for privacy purposes.


This World. Loathed in hatred, in greed. They all want what they want. They don’t give a shit about anyone. They will kill, they will rape, they will torture and yet they put up a fake smile.

You pick up any damn newspaper, you surf any news channel, any bloody social media and you will get the same result. Crime, dirty politics, rat race and money.

It has become all about that. This world has gone mad. It is all over. Soon we will just be freaking robots, emotionless, programmed. A destruction machine.

“Indraan, come fast or we will leave you!!” called my brother. “Coming, just wait a second.”

Mom, Dad me and my little brother were going to Madraga Restaurant, a very famous food joint in the suburbs of Mumbai.

“You are always late!” my brother complaint again. “Now get in the car, will you two?” My dad said.

And we zoomed. We talked a lot on the way. Dad cracked some jokes on Mom but then made it up to her by complementing her. I found this thing between them very sweet. Vasu, my elder brother was pulling my leg, as usual, about the incident that happened in school today. And everyone laughed. I made a face and to make me feel good, my mom hugged me and Vasu had to apologize too. It made me smile.

I loved my family a lot.

We reached the restaurant. I guess ours was the only family that made so much noise there. Hahaha…We were having our dessert and Dad was saying something when suddenly there was a loud noise. And then we looked near the entrance.

Two tall men holding guns. The others men of that gang were near holding the manager by his collar. “We will kill you all” the guy with a scar on his face shouted while entering into the restaurant. “Get down on your knees or get killed this very moment!” the guy said in a very scary tone. There was fear on everyone’s face. Some had closed their eyes for the instant prayers of safety. “What do you want from us? What have we done?” My dad couldn’t control himself. My Mom, at that moment, grabbed his hand. One of the two guys came and kicked my dad. We begged those men to not hit Dad. Mom tried to stop the man but instead got hit hard on her head. I was scared and still. My eyes watered. Vasu, tears in his eyes, went rushing near mom. “Mom, open your eyes, mom. Please mom. Mommmmm!!” Dad rose back and pushed the man and there it was, the loud sound again. But this time the gunshot was on my father’s chest. It was like a nightmare. Vasu and I couldn’t even move. Just tears flowing from our eyes. We were shattered at that moment.

“Anyone who tries any sort of shit here, will be killed. You understand that!” Said the man with the scar. They threw my mom and dad outside the restaurant. I jumped but Vasu grabbed me. “How could you do this to us?” I shouted. “Hahahaha… we can do many things you little piece of shit. Now sit there silently or you will be sent out the same way as your bloody parents were. You understand?”

Vasu and I had lost everything in those few minutes. I couldn’t stop crying. Vasu couldn’t either. He held me in his arms. He would have done anything to protect me. We couldn’t even call the police. They had taken us as hostage. I was afraid. Completely cold. “Indraan! Look at me. Nothing will happen to you. Mom and Dad will be okay. I will not let anything happen to you guys!” He assured me but he couldn’t to himself.

It was almost five hours now. Many police force which tried to get into the restaurant were killed. These people were very dangerous. These terrorists were attacking not just here but few other places too!

I opened my eyes. Vasu had held me very closely to himself. I could see everyone. They held their close one together under the tables. The fear around was like a mountain. Nothing could take it away. Few of the men went out with their guns. There was only one guy with the gun to watch all the hostages. Vasu set up straight. “This is our chance” he said to me.

He looked around. He waived his hand around and luckily one of the hostages saw us. Vasu suggested them to sneak in their way from behind through gestures. The restaurant was big and that made it difficult for us but then, that was the only way out. From behind via the kitchen. While the guy who was watching us walked near the entrance, Vasu crawled to the other table where there were two men. He talked with them something in a hushed manner. They listened to him carefully. One of the two got up with his hands raised high. “Why are you here? Stay where you are or die!” “I want to use the loo. It is urgent!” He held the gun to his chest. “Do your loo in your pants! Now fucking sit down” In an instant, he tried to grab the gun, fighting with the terrorist guy, while Vasu and the other man with him asked everyone to go in the direction of the kitchen. There was another gun shot. “Shit!” said Vasu. There was one of the terrorist outside the restaurant that he missed out.

The two guys started firing and grabbing people. Vasu asked me to run as fast as I could. And as he turned to stop the guys, he was hit by another of that nasty bullet. My heart almost stopped.

I ran. I ran. I kept running. Gunshots from behind didn’t stop. Tears flowing through my eyes. My heart beating my chest as fast as it could. I ran away.

I was left blank. Scattered. Broken.

“And it gives me a pleasure to announce the name of our valedictorian for academic year 2025-26 Mr. Indraan Singhania” The principal, teachers, students and everyone else were waiting in anticipation to see him, one of the most intelligent guy in the history of MIT, Cambridge. They never saw him again.

“Indraan, I know this is your last day in the States. Do you want to say something to me before going?” asked the counsellor. “Nothing.” I said. “Well then, all the best for your future!” She replied.

My counsellor was the only social element of my life in the States. “Indraan, I think you should stay here for a bit longer. Some of the counselling is still left.”

“No ma’am. I got what I wanted from here. I should leave now.”

She just smiled. I knew she wanted me to stay as I was her only patient who was associated with her for 5 years and she somewhat felt that bonding, which I never could.

Since the day my family was taken away from me I have been to myself. No friends. No social media. No parties. No adventures. No business .No almost everything. My interactions and happy moments have faded. My relations had become soured. Even now, they are.

Frankly, I didn’t like any of this. I hated most of the casual things that people do. Everything fake. Everything 2 faceted.  I wanted to change this fucked up society. This bull shit politics that people play amongst themselves. These Wars and terrorism ideology. These mind games they aim to win!

And I was now on to my mission. The machine that will help me change it all. INFLUENZER.

Thank You for reading the first chapter of Influencer. I will be uploading the next chapter soon 🙂

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The Reality Check

For hours we used to talk
With those jolly steps and some drinks we used to go on walks
The amazing moments that we had
The funny banter about which we were so glad
She was happy with me it seemed
But one day she faced some troubles and problems
I got to know and off did i go
Just to meet her
And as I was standing in front of her, things got real blur
For when I asked her “Are you okay?”
“Mind your own business.” Was all she had to say.

Surprised and shocked, I made a reality check.

He was someone I used to call my brother
From Clothes to food dishes
From Notes to our dreams and wishes
We shared everything with each other
I called it our bro-mance but in reality, things were all for a chance
For when he became successful and strong
After lots of missed calls he finally picked up and asked, “Why are you calling me? What’s wrong?”
Just the question I never longed

Sad and disappointed, I made a reality check.

She always asked me to help her out in work
I did it like a clerk
I was always the one to carry the shopping bag
Never in my life I thought it to be a snag
Feelings had started to come up
I fell for her, my heart chirped
As I was about to speak my mind
I saw her kissing another man, that time

Hurt and disappointed, I made a reality check

I wasn’t trying to be the hero
Just wanted to save my society from those 100s who made us  zero
“Lead us all. We are with you” they shouted
But then, when I looked back
There was no one, just a sound of crack

Alone in the darkness, I made a reality check.

I never really understood
The irony of being good.
They all said, “this is how the world works”
And I realized, things were bad at the very crux.
We never really value what’s with us
Materiality has become a desperate thirst
There was a time we cared about those small little gestures, the smiles on the faces of others
Now, not giving a shit about this and that, has become the new swag!


When hard-work gives you nothing but defeat

When love gives you nothing but loneliness

When success gives you nothing but sadness

That is when you feel it


When you see your friends leave you

When you see your one and only break you

When you see your loved ones Die

That is when you feel it


When the harshness of this world makes you cry

When the coldness of world makes you shiver

When the greediness of this world leaves you poor

That is when you feel it


When you see inequality triumphing over honesty

When you see profits soaring over passion

When you see hell breaking loose over your heaven

That is when you feel it


When you are oblivion to the sacrifices they made for you

When you hate the person who loves you the most

When you realize that expectations never really fulfill

That is when you feel it


So, is pain really such a bad omen?

Is pain really something that leads you to death?

Is pain really evil and dark?

Is pain really something that makes your insides destroy?


Well, hell NO!!

Pain is the reason for Kindness

Pain is the reason for Care

Pain is the reason for Balance

Pain is the reason for Love

For pain is the only feeling that shows you the value of everything!!

For pain is the only feeling that has the power to give you a choice – Good or Bad

For pain is the only feeling that shares you with rest of the world

So, feel it, embrace it, cry-out loud if you have to

Because from pain, you will have the power to stand against all odds

Because from pain, you will die for someone

Because from pain, you will achieve for someone

That is when you feel



Prison Time that Changed my life.

The giant gate opened. It was old and rusty. For the first time in my life, i had seen such a gathering, of more than thousand of people, right outside a jail. News reporters were being handled by the police forces.

As i put my first step outside the jail, you could only hear loud cheers. The happiness gleaming in those eyes, young and old, were no match. People ran towards me, lifted me up and cheers were like never to stop. My eyes were all waters. Never in my life, i had received such warm welcome, not even from my own family.The world had changed for me and the reason for all of this was my time in Jail.

Yes, that place where people are kept in a cage-like prison for years for their wrong doings. Where they are punished so brutally, only hell could have been above them. Where they are forced to be alone in the darkest of the hours. No one will ever see jail as a place for self-reflection. A place for doing something that the world had never seen before. Experiencing something that is beyond imagination.
Well, you must be wondering, how can someone do something in jail except for being punished or for that matter, how in the world people gathered around a jail just to welcome a guy who was a prisoner?
And here’s the answer for you.

“You son of a bitch, how many times do i have to say to you to bring me the orange juice sharp at 8, wherever i am? You are fired.”
“Sir i am really sorry. You were in the toilet so i decided to keep it on the table.”
“Who told you to make that decision? Bloody asshole. Only I, Rish Malhotra, makes decision. Now, leave!”
I, Rish Malhotra, was son of the biggest Industrialist, Rajendra Malhotra. He headed India’s top 3 companies and was a billionaire. I had my own house in Breach Candy, Mumbai. I was in my final year of computer engineering course which i was pursuing in VJTI College.
Defining myself back then would be as simple as writing two words. Meanest Brat.
I loved showing off, being rude and my attitude played the worst devil. My friends or rather, servants would do everything for me, from writing my assignments to my exams. Not that i wasn’t smart, but i loved seeing them sweat like shit. They used to plan things out for me. No one in the entire college could come in my way.
But only he had the guts to do it. Arjun Rathod. That middle class guy had some nerves.
He was sitting on my table in the cafeteria.
“Hey you, bastard, you are sitting on the wrong table. Get up right now or you won’t be spared” I shouted, loud and clear.
“Excuse me. This table belongs to anyone who sits here first. So now its mine. Sit with me and shove that attitude up your ass or fuck off.” he said daringly. Man he had some balls.
“You…” I grabbed him by his collar and in response he pushed me away. “You know you can’t have things the way you want around me. I guess three years are enough to know someone.”
“Arjun, just wait for college to get over, I will rip you apart.” I said.
“Says the guy, who’s jeans is already ripped in between his legs”. He started laughing. Everyone around me had smirk on their faces but they didn’t dare to laugh at me.
“You are on my radar.”
“Do you even know how to use a radar? Oh, i forgot, you had these puppies for you to use it” He was one guy everyone respected but no one talked to. They knew the consequences very well.
I left him. Frustrated. And i took all my frustration out on Vicky. i beat him to shit for not supporting me in the cafeteria.
“The next time we are together, you better support me. Understand?” “Yes, Rish.” he said in a half dead tone in which i had left him.
Arjun Rathod was as tough as a rock. He was lean and good looking. He always came first in the class. Girls were always behind him. They would go crazy after seeing him. He was the Mr.perfect. And i hated him. I have had so many encounters with him but never had i won or outranked him in anything.
I knew all about computers. I was an expert, but never really gave the tests or exams. I never participated in any damn thing because i thought i was above all these pesky things. On the contrary Arjun was everywhere. In the inter-college festivals, competitions. You name it. I hated him. I was jealous. I had all the money in the world and no one respected me for real, only feared me. And that middle class got all the attention.
I didn’t know how it was possible for him.

The days went by and on-campus recruitments had began. Dad’s 2 out of 3 companies were going to recruit students from our college and i had no fear for selection anyway. So i went on the second last day when my dad’s company would be around.
Arjun looked very confident. And inside of me, i knew he would get selected. But he only went for Malhotra IT. My Dad’s company. He wanted a high pay and his obvious choice was this company. That guy, was in no way coming with me there. So i planned something in mind. Malhotra IT had only two places left and one was fixed for me.
I knew how important it was for him to get selected but i didn’t care.
I called up Vicky and told him my plan. “What? Have you gone nuts Rish. This is insane.” Vicky shouted.
“You dare not shout at me. Do as i say and you will be rewared or else you know the consequences.”

After fifteen minutes, i came out of the interview room and saw Arjun waiting for his turn. “Hey Arjun. I just wanted to say all the best. I knew we had a lot of fights. But at this juncture where are college days are about to over, i wanted to extend a hand of friendship.”
“Well, its hard to digest but i will take it. Thanks Rish.”
And came Vicky. Yes! He did it.
“Arjun, Arjun… your room is on fire. Come fast”
“What the hell?”
Arjun Vicky and I ran towards his dorm. And the blazing flames of fire came out of his window. Fire brigades were called instantly.
“Hey Arjun. Everything’s going to be okay” i said thinking,’For Me. hehehehe’
“How did this happen?” he was crying. He couldn’t control.
His laptop, clothes, books, everything burnt to ashes.
“I want to know how did this happen. Ramu kaka tell me” Ramu kaka was the supervising peon of our floor.
“I don’t know. I went out to cafeteria as Vicky and others had called me for lunch as for celebrating the last day recruitment”
He was in tears. He lost all his belongings, he lost his chance for the interviews for which he waited so long.
He looked at me. “You son of a bitch. I know you did this and i am not going to spare you.” He came towards me and hit me. We had a fight like the college had never seen before. I smiled all the way. “You are fucked” i kept saying it to him.
The Professors and non-staff members rushed to the dorms. “What is going on here?”
Vicky explained everything to them.
They stopped us.
“Arjun and Rish. Come straight to my office”
We left and i smiled all the way. That smile is amongst all the bad things that i regret today.

“Would you guys explain to me about the fight?” The professor asked.
“Sir, the fire in my room was put by him. He is the one responsible.” said Arjun in an angry tone.
“That’s impossible. I was giving my interview and he himself saw me coming out of the interview room.”
“Sir he must have asked vicky to do it”
“That’s bullshit. He was in the cafeteria with Ramu kaka and others if you remember. And he was the one who informed you in the first place. So before accusing people randomly. Think” I shouted
“Stop it now. We are putting an investigating team to find out about this mess. You guys will not fight anymore. Got it? And Arjun, Mr.Malhotra is someone who found a new room for you and asked me to offer you. I personally feel, he isn’t the guy you think he is.”
“i will find room for myself.” Said Arjun and left the room.
Afterwards, i left too.
I left the campus.
When i came back, that bullshit servant was gone. I had to get a new one i reminded myself.
I got a call. It was Arjun. I picked it up.
“You bastard.” he shouted “You are not going to get away easily. Because of you i lost my things and my job. I am going to return the favour soon.”
He disconnected.
At that time i only thought that he was a piece of shit and could never do anything to me.

Time passed by. We received our graduation certificates and were off to start our new life.
For me, it was going to be the same. Just here, the level of things will be high.

‘Malhotra IT. The company will be mine one day’, i thought and entered.
My Mom and Dad lived in USA. They only messaged my once in a while to know how i was doing or rather whether i was alive or dead.
“Son, congratulations. We are proud of you. Due to work we were unable to come for your graduation. Work hard. See you later” their message said. I didn’t reply.

The office was shown to me by Miss Zeal and I have to admit, she was hot. I flirted with her for a while and she agreed for a date too.
She didn’t know what was coming her way. I smiled the devil.
She showed me my cabin and left.
Later two people came inside my office.
“Hello Rish. i am Atul Dandegar, your Manager.” “And i am your supervisor Shantanu Agnihotri. We wanted to personally welcome you to the office as its your first day.” They knew who i was, and what better to butter the son and please him to get to the father.
“Could you not even knock before coming in? Managers and Supervisor don’t know basic ethics. I need to inform my father”
“No no please. We are sorry. Can we leave?”
“Close the door and leave.” I shouted.
This was turning out to be fun.
I did some work for a while. My office was situated on the fiftieth floor. “This all will be mine.” I said to myself after seeing the huge office campus outside the window.
I came out of my cabin and i saw some employees chatting in a group.
I walked straight towards them. “Yes, we will go tomorrow night.”
“Where are you guys going?” I asked.
Everyone was quite.
“Do i need to ask you all again? You know who i am right” I said in a devilish tone.

One of them said, “We don’t find any reason to tell you.”
“Hey you, little chipmunk. Watch your self. This is my office. You better not poke the bear.”
“This is Rajendra Malhotra’s office not yours Mr Rish. And please mind your language.”
“What is your name? I asked him
“Kalyan Rath”
“Kalyan Rath, you are fired” i said loud and clear.
“And you all piece of shit, when i ask you something, i want answers, you get that.”
Everyone looked down. Kalyan was stunned. And yet he was rebellious.
“You cannot fire me.”
“Security” I shouted. “Take this man away.”
I saw Zeal watching me. She was surprised and shocked. I winked at her and she left.
And so did everyone else.
It was 8.00 pm.
I watched Zeal getting ready to leave.
“Zeal, you remember about today’s date right?”
“I am not going for a date with you any time. What you did today was not right”
“Come here” I said sharply.
She walked towards me.
I pulled her close to me and i closed the cabin doors.
I started kissing her ferociously. She pushed me. “What are you doing?”
“I am going to fuck you tonight. Now you better comply or get fired.”
She had no choice. She moaned like anything. I pushed her against the wall and i could feel her insides.
After we were done i said, “You better keep this to yourself. You make noise and i will fuck the hell up your life instead of you.”
She started wearing her clothes. She had tears in her eyes. I had a smile on my face.
She left.
Soon everyone started doing what i asked for. I made the core software script and developed some software while the rest of my work of software support, customer support, managing reports, testing and evaluating software was piled on to everyone else. I made fun of them and they smiled bravely. Six months had passed. My Manager and Supervisor knew my working system, but they couldn’t do shit nor could anyone else. Zeal used to be in pain almost every morning. But for some nights, i tried the receptionist too.
I was the biggest nightmare for everyone in the office.

One day, there was a buzz about new recruit in the office. It was a six monthly process. Our company used to hire one Software engineer every six months.
“The HR department seems real happy. They thing they have found a gem. Let’s see.”
“The new recruit must be a nice guy. Atleast better than Rish Sir.”

I got out of my cabin and was about to leave for a quick bite when i saw him.
Those black eyes, spiky and shiny hair, goatee. I couldn’t be wrong. He was wearing a blue colour suit with a stylish tie and blue strip shirt with black Jeans.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Arjun Rathod was the new recruit.
I stopped. He came towards me and said, “i missed you pal. And yes, i think i was on the wrong side when i met you last time. I hope we can work things out this time around. I am the New Senior Software engineer and i was told that i will be working along with you so i came straight to meet you.”
It was surprising to see myself surprised and shocked.
“Arjun, congratulations. Welcome aboard. I will show you the office myself.”
“No no, Zeal showed me and told me everything about this office. She is a nice employee i must say.”
“Well she is.”

I took him to my cabin where we discussed about the target for the month which he had already got from Mr Atul.
He then left my office.
After few hours, i got out of my cabin, when i saw a bunch of junior employees talking to Arjun and having a good time, i decided to ruin it.
“Don’t you guys have some work? Why the hell are you standing here.” Everyone looked down.
“Hey Rish. calm down. These guys were just telling me about the work system around and just a little gossiping.”
“Well, if you have come here for gossiping, you better find a job somewhere else. We have targets to meet and services to provide.”
“All right everyone. The Boss is always right. But worry not, we all can meet after the shift. Cafeteria cool?”
Everyone nodded and left.
“You should take it a bit easy here Rish” said Arjun.
“The one thing i know that, it won’t be easy for you here.” i said and left.

Days passed. Arjun not only met his targets, but brought in new clients, developed triple the softwares and he did all the work by himself plus he helped the juniors if they needed anything. He was already respected by everyone.

“Hey Rish. Want to join us at Continental? I am giving a small party for receiving the award of best senior employee of the month”
“No, you all go”
“Come on Rish. Please and it is already the time to leave. So come now”

Everyone enjoyed Arjun’s company. They laughed along with him. Zeal would always be around with him. the Manager and Supervisor too had come and they were having a good time. I was standing in one corner of the bar.

“Hey Rish. Been drinking for too long now?”
“You invited me. And i like these.”
“Oh Ofcourse. You know what, i will have one too.”
“You drink?”
“Of course i do. Hey bartender get us some whisky.”

We then started talking about life and work. For the first time in my life, someone was talking to me like a friend. I had a good time.

Arjun and I became good friends. He knew everything about me. And he would drop by after work too.
A trust was built.
I started behaving normally, but bad ass attitude was something that never really left me. I was less harsh on employees but i was harsh. Atleast i didn’t fire them.

One fine day, Arjun came to my office.
“What happened Arjun?”
“Actually, there is some software malfunction and it is costing our clients millions. I am not able to find the bug and it is becoming a bigger problem each day. Will you look into the matter please. I will pass down the files, mails and contacts to you.”
For the first time some one came to me with their problem.
“Of course. I will do what’s needed. Relax.”
“Thank you so much Rish.”

I got all the files and i started working on the problem. Things didn’t work out that day.
Next day, when i opened my laptop, files were being transferred and received at the same time. Private files of the clients. And they were being transferred online. This was shit.
If the competitors got even a small look, this will cost my clients millions and they will lose their business.

“Arjun, there’s a big problem. I don’t know how, i was working on the problem that you gave me yesterday and i closed it and suddenly today when i see, the private files of the clients are being transferred online. We are in a mess.” I ran straight to him and told him everything.
“Excuse me. first of all, it is not we, it is you who is in big trouble. Secondly, how can you do such a big mistake.?”
“What are you saying Arjun? You handed me the client.”
“And you took them. They now are your clients and you need to stop the transfer otherwise you are in deep trouble”

What is going on? I was shocked. This was becoming a big mess and i didn’t know what to do.
I got calls from my clients and also from the managers and supervisors. All of them shouted at me like shit and i didn’t know how to respond. I was the one at bait. This was a crime and i was being made the criminal.
Just when, everyone was in a fuss and i was deliberately trying to find a solution, my cabin door opened.
“This is wrong. I didn’t do anything.”
“Say whatever you want in court.”
This was the first time i felt afraid. I felt weak and powerless.
Arjun came towards me.
He asked the police to step aside.
He came closer to me and said it, “You are fucked. I was the one who created a camouflage software inside the one that i gave you. When you started working on the script, you just entered the tags and works which were written in the file which i gave you. It was meant to activate the camouflage software. And when it activated, all the files of the client which were attached to the original software became open and with access, i started the transfer. So that’s how you get scrambled and i win.”
“You son of a bitch i won’t spare you.”.
“You made the mistake of starting all of this. You burnt my room, you made me lose my job, you made the life of every single person you met, HELL. Zeal told me everything and so did the other employees. Rish, your time is up and you will be gone for a long time. This company will be mine.
You know what i informed your parents and what they replied was far more devastating then this. They said, you only bring trouble and don’t respect anyone. You deserve this. He will get punished.”
I couldn’t control my emotions. I started crying as the police took me outside the office. Media was already waiting for me to arrive. I was made shit.
I was just 25 years old, a rich brat and now Jail.
The case was taken to court and i got a 10 years sentence in jail with a fine of Rs. 20 million.

My body and mind were nothing but rage and anger. How dare that piece of shit did this to me?
I won’t spare them. I will kill them.
This was all i could think.

When i was pushed inside the jail, i shouted. I shouted like hell. But there was no one to listen to me. The other prisoners were watching me, and then came close to me.
“You are new here. And we inmates have a good tradition. You want to see?”
They started beating me. One punch on the face and i was down. And then i was merely a football. Kick after kick. Blood came out of my mouth and many other parts of my body were bleeding.
It was like, i was in a red puddle.
I blacked out. The medical unit of jail took care of me.
This was the first time i realized terror, pain and fear. All at once.

I was made the football every alternate day. The prisoners were taken to a mountain like area where they were supposed to dig. Then we were supposed to wash clothes and when we did clean them, the jailors would again throw them in the puddle and we were made to clean the clothes again. I had never experienced this sort of work in my life.
“Hey you shit head. Press harder. You press like a pussy. I want my muscles to get relaxed not softened” shouted the jailor.
I was being treated like a servant. I could feel the pain.

I was in my cell one day. I heard the voice of a man. “Hey man, you are changing my cell for the third time”
“You do whatever we say, whenever we say. Got it?” Now go inside.
“Hey kid” he looked at me.
“My name is Shrikanth. What is your name? you seem new here”
I refrained from talking to him. He didn’t scare me much like the other prisoners but i just couldn’t.
“Hey pal, listen. I know the fear. So just relax, cause i am not going to do anything to you.”
“My name is Rish Malhotra.”
“So why are you here Rish?”
“I don’t know. I did not do anything wrong.”
“Oh. So you are just like me.”
“Well, lets just say i have been in this prison for 30 years and i still don’t understand the reason i was put here in the first place.”

He seemed friendly. I started talking to him. Whenever the prisoners were called out for work, Shrikanth and I used to go together.
I told him everything about me. He was shocked. But then, he explained me few things.
“You were rich. You had resources. You had a good life but you know where you lacked. You lacked at knowing yourself and what you did to people. After hearing you, all i can say is, you never really tried to understand others or give a thought to their pain. You just wanted to enjoy and see that everything’s going your way. What Arjun did, i think was some what right. Maybe he went to far, but you did too.”
“You know Rish, if i were in your place then i would have certainly talked with my parents first. I would have mustered the courage to go alone to USA and talk to them straight. tell them about how i felt. And if they wouldn’t have helped me then i would look out for friends. Friends are people who are with you whenever you need them and sometimes they become your emotional anchor. You used your power to show people that who the mighty was when actually you could have used the power you had and made things good and easy for them. I would have cherished them. The reason you are here, all alone, with fear and terror is because some where down the line you made people feel devastated, alone and you terrorized them. What you did with Arjun and Zeal exactly show what kind of person you were. Rish, this is the time to realize your mistake. Think about it.”
He said and left.

Every word that Shrikanth told me was true. He was right. From the beginning i was wrong. Wrong to not go to my parents. Wrong to my being a bad guy to my friends. Wrong to a girl who worked for me. Wrong to the person i respected deep inside. I was all wrong. If only i had worked upon myself, i would have been a good guy.
I regret myself of being such an ass.
I wanted to make amends. i wanted to do good.
That night, i don’t know why, but i slept like it was heaven. I felt a relief.

Some days later, while i was working around the ground with Shrikanth, a police constable was having trouble accessing his computer. He was the right hand of the jailor and he always used to make us work like shit and shouted at us.
“Hey sir, may i help you with this?”
“What are you, an engineer?”
“Okay. I give you one chance. If you further create a problem, you know how i deal”
“Of course.”

It was just an issue of a wire that connects CPU to monitor. It was loose. I tightened it. And the monitor started working.
“Good.” The constable said.
“You welcome.”
I left.

Soon the other day, the constable called me.
“I was waiting for you. This computer is not working properly. The Jailor needs it tomorrow and i don’t know how to repair it.”
“Don’t worry. Leave it to me.”
In minutes, his machine was working perfectly.
“Good Work. And it seems that you are a nice guy. So i will give you a reward.”
“Thanks, but you won’t be able to give that one thing i want. To let me go. So no, i don’t have anything to ask.”
“Okay then.”

That evening, Shikham, the guy with a hideous look and body larger than…i don’t know, at least me. He was dangerous everyone used to say. He came towards me and Shrikanth while we were washing the clothes.
“You asshole.” He said pointing out at me.
“You are getting too close to the constable. I see you with him one more time and you are done for.”
“The constable called me himself. I will go whenever he calls.”
“You son of a bitch. Take this” He punched me hard on the face.
“How dare you speak to me like that?”
He picked me up and threw me down like a bag.
“Shrikanth. You better teach this kid the rules or he will get himself killed.”

The next day, i went straight to the constable after washing clothes. I knew,Shkikam’s guys would follow me and that’s what i wanted.
“Constable sir.”
“Oh Rish. What are you doing here? By the way thanks to you, the jailor praised me for making the computer better.”
“Thank you. Sir, you asked me for a reward right?”
“Yes, i did.”
“Sir, Shikham is creating a lot of problem for us. He beats us for no reason. And he has even threatened me. SIr please shift him somewhere else.”
“That my friend is not possible.”
“Sir but…”
“No..atleast it is not possible for now.”
I could feel the goosebumps.
As i got out of the office and came near the prison, Shikham and his guys were standing, waiting for me.
“Come here you bastard” They pulled my hands and took me staright to Shikham.
“So you thought i was joking, didn’t you? He shouted.
“Now you are gone for good.”
Shrikanth tried to convince Shikham and but he had made his mind. He wanted to kill me.

The first blow was, as always, on my face. i felt. Then he came on top of me and started punching my nose and mouth. His guys, kicked me from the sides.
Just as i thought that it was my end, the constable called out.
“Shikham, you are now transferred to Kanchen gaon Jail.”
“The police officers caught Shikham and his guys and they were sent off.
“Hey hey, get up.”
“Relax now.”
The medical unit took me with them and i was back after two days.
“i am glad to see you fine.” said Shrikanth.
I smiled.
“hey Rish, there is a problem, jailor wants to see you” Said Constable.
“All right.”
Shrikanth and I accompanied him.
“Hey you, constable tells me you are an engineer. Fix this laptop of mine, will you?”.
“Of course.”
I not only fixed his laptop, but created a software there itself so that he could run it easily.
“Sir, i have installed a new software in you laptop. Now you will be able to use it with your voice”
“Really??” Asked Jailor, Surprised.

In the coming days, it was jailor’s wife, kids, his family and friends whose devices were sent to me for repairs and development. I even got myself an old storage room in the jail premises to work.
And i was happy to do it. I taught Shrikanth some things and even he started to work with me.
By the end of the month, we had solved the problem for 60 people and I made 70 new softwares.
I never really enjoyed making software or working on computers, mobiles and laptops as much as i do now with Shrikanth.
From jailor the word about software genius was spread till the minister’s ears.
They all came with different requests and i happily helped them.
When the other prisoners saw what was happening, the wanted to join me and help me.
I started teaching them about computers and softwares. they would write their notes on slates with chalk which were provided to us by the constable. Of course, we were in jail, not a school.
I loved everything about this. for the first time in my life, i was doing something good and for others. I felt a drastic change. Shrikanth played a very important part in my change. And so did Arjun.
It had been 7 years now.

One fine morning, the minister with the cyber crime unit had come to jail to meet me and my team. (After successfully training them for months, i had formed a team)
“Rish, the cyber crime unit is finding some troubles in operating. They wanted some help. These MNCs charge a lot of money and i didn’t even want to take their help as i would then owe them one and i would have do something for them. I know about your talent and after reading about your background, i know you are a smart ass. So will you help them?”
“Of course sir. Me and my team will happily help you guys.”
“Okay, i leave them to you. They have brought all the necessary things here and they will tell you everything.”

The Cyber Crime explained me their problem. they were not able to trace I.P Addresses properly, their systems were hacked and while all this problem was prevailing, people were being cheated during online transactions.
The e-commerce market had gone down due to all these issues and the cyber crime cell have not been able to solve the problem. Along with this, their machines and Operating Systems were outdated.

My team and the cyber crime team, prepared a list of things that were to be done. I divide the entire lot of people into 5 teams.
1st team will get all the machines and remove all the parts of the machines.
The 2nd team will then, work on the machines and try to make them advanced. We communicated our request to the minister for allowance for new parts and we got them on time. Instead of just updating the machine i planned to do something else.
The 3rd team would then collect the parts and assemble the worked parts, wire them up and transfer to the fourth team.
The 4th team would then put the machine together, joining each parts.
And the last team will make the machine start and install new software.

Once, all the machines start working, we will then shift all the machines except 2 to the cyber crime office.

The work started in full swing. No one could have ever imagined that anything of this sort could have happened in Jail.
I used to juggle between the 2nd 4th and 5th team as i had planned something and i wanted the designs to be new.

After a tedious work of 16 weeks, we were ready.
The machines weren’t like before. I changed the entire out look. I thank God that i had bullied some guy in the hardware department to teach me for my project. And Internet never ceases to amaze.
With my team, i created a mixture of laptop and computer. Power and Speed of a compute and portability and usage like a laptop. Well, it worked pretty well. The software turned out to be amazing.
All the machines were transferred to the cyber crime office except the 2 admin machines. The Cyber Crime guy didn’t actually fully understand the working so i decided to help.
After another 8 weeks, having learnt everything, the Cyber crime guy finally shifted the two admin machines to their office.

Our team was happy. Never did i really think that criminals could actually work with so much heart.
i really felt happy for them.

A few weeks later, Constable sir came running towards me while i was digging with a paper in his hands.
“Rish look at this.”
That moment when i saw that piece of paper, my happiness knew no bounds. I jumped like anything and hugged Shrikanth. Everybody around, looked at me, came towards us and as they saw the newspaper, they too started dancing with me, After all, they had worked so hard.
The Hindu had the headlines – “JAIL INMATES, TOGETHER WITH THE CYBER CRIME BRANCH, PREPARED A ROCK SOLID MECHANISM FOR WORKING” And later they explained what the benefit people had got.

And this was my last week in this jail. I will miss these guys so much. Especially Shrikanth and Constable Sir.
They taught me to be human being. They made me a better one.

“Rish Malhotra You Rock”, shouted the crowd. The water in my eye couldn’t really stop.
“Rish” I heard that shout and i recognized that voice too.
“Dude, it is amazing what you have done” He congratulated me.
“Arjun. I have no words to thank you enough. You are the one responsible for all this. you made me realize what i was and what i needed to be. You are the one who made me realize my potentials. Thanks a ton”

“Your father and mother are waiting to see you. Let’s meet them”

My life had changed completely and it took a beautiful turn.
😀 And i am glad things happened the way they did otherwise i wouldn’t have realized anything at all.